2017 INS Convention / Symposium

Cologne, Germany
6-10 June 2017


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Thirteen international netsuke dealers will be exhibiting for sale at the Park Inn from 2-6 pm from Wednesday-Saturday.

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Lecturers and Workshop Leaders

  • Annegret Bergmann
    World of Japanese theater as represented in netsuke (German)
  • Alain Ducros
    Kyoto  or  Kyushu  (French)
  • Dieuwke Eijer
    The Japanese Gulliver:  Wasobyoe (English)
  • Matthi Forrer
    Smoking implements found in prints (English)
  • Neil Holton
    Tonkotsu & Smoking (English)
  • Julia Hutt
    Shibata Zeshin (English)
  • Pierre Jacquesson
    Mask Netsuke (French)
  • Robert Fleischel
  • Trudel Klefisch
    Der Sammler Albert Brockhaus (German/ English)
  • Paul Moss
    Kokusai, the Genius (English)
  • Tatiana Yahiro
    Daily life scenes in netsuke influenced by paintings, prints and Ehon (English)
  • Yukari Yoshida
    F. M. Jonas, his life and his book (English)
  • Alain Ducros
    Wood used in netsuke carving (workshop) (French/English)
  • Matthhias Streckfub
    Materials used in netsuke - elephant, mammoth, walrus ivory (workshop) (German/English)
  • Robert Willemsen
    Manju (workshop) (English)

Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst

Trudel Klefisch, Convention Chair, has arranged that the lectures will be held in the museum each morning. The Museum which opened in 1977 is one of the most important architectural monuments of classical Modernism in Cologne. It was designed by Kunio Maekawa (1905-1986), a pupil of Le Corbusier. The centerpiece of the complex is the landscape garden designed by the Japanese sculptor Masayuki Nagare (b.1923) in the tradition of Japanese meditation gardens. This symbiosis of Japanese architecture and gardens combined with the presentation of the exceptional East Asian art collection make the museum a wonderful setting for our 2017 symposium.


  • Members & their Guests - $600.00 (USD), $550 for guests

  • Day Pass

    Includes lectures, workshops, and dealer's exhibition rooms.

  • Non-Members & their Guests $725.00 (USD)


Park Inn by Radisson
Koln City West, Germany


Preferred Group Room Rate 
until 5 May 2017 (including breakfast)

  • €108 / single
  • €141 / double 

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