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International Netsuke Society Journal - 2000


Winter 2000

  • Exhibition: Netsuke and Sagemono at the Ferenc Hopp Museum, Budapest by N. Burton Drexler
  • Symposium: Netsuke and Edo Culture by Linda Meredith
  • Naito Toyomasa: Part I by Kazutoyo Ichimichi
  • The Bakemono Says
  • On the Continent by Gabor Wilhelm
  • Auctions by Joseph Kurilecz and Katherine E. Martin
  • Iwami: Pupils of the Seiyodo School by David Burditt
  • Reviews:
    • Netsuke - 112 Masterpieces: The Trumpf Collection
    • The Robert S. Hurhart Collection of Iwami Netsuke
  • Legends by Sharen Chappell
  • Questions and Answers by Joseph Kurstin
  • Notes X by Neil K. Davey

Fall 2000

  • Do Unique netsuke Really Exist? by Karl M. Schwartz
  • Red Robe Kokusai, Part II by Yoichi Shimatani, translated and edited by Nori Watanabe
  • News from Japan by Nori Watanabe
  • Auctions by Douglas J. K. Wright
  • How I Started Collecting Netsuke by Michael O. Sear
  • Millennial War and Peace Netsuke by Three Japanese Artists by Robert O. Kinsey
  • Miriam Kinsey, A remembrance by Michael Henry Birch
  • Legends by Sharen Chappell 
  • Questions and Answers by Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Notes IX by Neil K. Davey

Summer 2000

  • The Tatekawa Family of Wood Carvers: by Alain Ducros
  • Exhibition: Japanese Treasures, Toledo Museum of Art by Carolyn Putney and Matthew Wiederhold
  • News from Japan: Kano Tomokazu by Nori Watanabe
  • Auctions by Katherine E. Martin
  • Outstanding Netsuke by Contemporary Lacquer Artists Part III by Miriam and Robert Kinsey
  • Inro Motifs VII by Heinz Kress
  • Questions and Answers by Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Notes VIII by Neil K. Davey

Spring 2000

  • Iwami Carvers: Kanman by David Burditt
  • Netsuke Exhibition in Stockholm by Michael R. Bernstein
  • Reviews: Shishi and Other Netsuke
  • Auctions by Douglas J.K. Wright
  • On the Continent by Gabor Wilhelm
  • Legends by Sharen Chappell and Dr. Karl Schwarz
  • Questions and Answers by Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Notes VII by Neil K. Davey

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.