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One of the great benefits of joining the International Netsuke Society is the quarterly journal which the society publishes. Articles are written by various collectors, scholars and dealers of netsuke. Published with high quality papers, the journal is handsome as well as being extremely informative and educational. Not a Member? Join Today to read all of the journals online!
Spring 2017, Volume 37, No.1 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 37, No.1
Summer 2017, Volume 37, No.2 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 37, No.2
Fall 2017, Volume 37, No.3 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 37, No.3
Winter 2017, Volume 37, No.4 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 37, No.4
  • President's Letter
  • INS Financial Reports
  • Chapters
  • Bakumatsu BakemonoAdelaida Sanchez Rus
  • Genryosai Minkoku, an Early Edo Netsukeshi, Part 2Giovanni Rimondi
  • Cologne Convention Wrap-upSusan Romaine
  • On the ContinentGabor Wilhelm
  • Modern Pioneers: Norman L. Sandfield

Cover: Masatoshi's goblins. Collection of A. & H. Sanchez Rus. See p. 12

  • President's Letter
  • Genryosai Minkoku, an Early Edo Netsukeshi, Part IGiovanni Rimondi
  • Chapters
  • Eastern Humor, Irony, and Thoughts in Netsuke DesignIkuko Kimura, PhD, and Yushi Tanida
  • Netsuke and AnmaJohn Boyle
  • Netsuke Stories Bring Japan to Life in Washington DCYoko Tsuge and Takaaki Nemoto
  • AuctionsOliver Moss
  • The Lacquer Master Shojosai, 1900-1978Heinz and Else Kress

Cover: Coiled dragon, ivory, with black horn pupils. Unsigned, attributed to Mitsuharu (1750-1780), Kyoto. Collection of Beverly and Jay Hopkins. Included in the Washington DC exhibition, "Meet Netsuke," in 2017.

  • President's Letter
  • 2017 Cologne INS Convention Bulletin
  • Exhibition in Washington DC
  • Chapters
  • Juntoku Minko from TsuNeil Holton
  • Report on the Tobacco & Salt Museum Exhibition and Related EventsIkuko Kimura, Ph.D., Yushi Tanida, Reiko Tachibana
  • On the ContinentGabor Wilhelm
  • A Look at Old-Fashioned Inrō Described in 1705 by a Kyoto Makie-shiHeinz and Else Kress
  • Book Review: Kokusai The Genius: And Stag-antler Carving in JapanRichard Silverman
  • In Memoriam
  • President's Letter
  • 2017 Cologne INS Convention Bulletin
  • Chapters
  • NAMAZU: How a Giant Catfish Propelled Old Japan into Modernity: Reflections in Prints, NetsukeDavid S. White, Esq.
  • Contrasting StylesAdelaida Sánchez Rus
  • Modern Pioneers: Richard Silverman - Autobiography of a Silver Kirin, Part 2Susan Atchley, Ph.D.
  • AuctionsOliver Moss
  • In Memoriam: Michael FrankStefan Landau

Cover: Namazu (earthquake fish). Sashi-style netsuke carved from umimatsu; the striations are peculiar to this material. David S. White collection. Article begins on page 10.

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.