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We offer major netsuke carved by major netsukeshi – Toyomasa, Kokusai, Mitsuhiro, Kaigyokusai, Tomotada – as well as by middle rung netsukeshi – Anraku, Bunshojo, Doraku, Kogetsu, Kyusi, Masatoshi of Nagoya, Minko, Rensai, Tomokoto – and a good number by modern artists – Morita Soko, Sosui, Masatoshi of Tokyo, Hideyuki, Ryushi.  We also have many high quality pieces by lesser artists along with some exceptional unsigned pieces.  Consider being the new custodian of a choice work of netsuke art presented by Aji Archives.

Specialist UK netsuke and Ojime dealer. We buy and sell worldwide.


By Appointment
Winter Park (Orlando area), Florida USA Tel. +1.407.362.1025 email.
Contact: Gilles Lorin

Rosemary Bandini Ltd

PO Box 2281
Woodford Green
by appointment
tel:+44 7968 182292

Michael R. Bernstein, Esq.

Michael R. Bernstein, Esq. deals exclusively in Japanese art, specializing in netsuke, inro, pipecases, ojime, tsuba and lacquer.

Robyn Buntin of Honolulu

An Asian art dealer in Honolulu, Hawaii, who hosted the 1997 & 2003 International Netsuke Society Convention.  Specializes in Japanese and Chinese antiques as well as Buddhist artwork.

Sharen Chappell

PO Box 9091
North St. Paul, MN 55109
Phone & Fax: (651) 777-8910

(No website available.)

Denise Cohen

Denise Cohen, formerly affiliated with the Ronin Gallery in New York, is now a private dealer in fine Netsuke.

Edo Netsuke Gallery

We Specialize in fine netsuke, ojime and other sagemono

Galerie Flachsmann

Iwasawa Oriental Art

A Japanese art and antiques gallery located in the heart of downtown Los Gatos, California, about an hour south of San Francisco by car. They carry a wide variety of fine Asian Art, and present occasional programs of interest to accompany their exhibits.


Kokoro Japanese Art Advisers

Provides specialized services in the evaluation augmentation, repositioning and disposition of great collections - Large & Small.

LG Asian Antiques      Forestangel Asian Antiques

We specialize in the sale of a wide variety of affordable netsuke for beginners, but, regularly carry higher level netsuke at bargain prices for experienced collectors
Email:  Tel: 305-386-1474

Midori Gallery

Owner Sachi Wagner has been a specialist in antique far eastern art for over 35 years.  Located in the business district of the Village of Coconut Grove (just south of downtown Miami), this beautiful two story gallery offers an impressive collection of antique Japanese, Chinese and South East Asian sculpture, textiles, paintings, screens, fine furniture, ceramics, netsuke, folk art and collectible artifacts dating from 3000 BC to the 1920’s.  The netsuke and sagemono are not all out on view and an appointment is recommended to have the opportunity to view the entire collection.  Located at 3168 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove, 305-443-3399

Sydney L. Moss Ltd.

Established in 1910, is specialized to a high level of expertise and integrity in Japanese netsuke, lacquer and pipecases, as well as painting, calligraphy, sculpture and tea ceremony materials.

Oriental Antiques Kanegae

We at Oriental Antique Kanegae are located in front of the general gate of Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Our selections are crossing over genres, yet are based on a standard for selecting the finest and most fascinating work, including antique folding screens, modern arts and crafts, Sagemono, and antique toys.

Orientations Gallery

Orientations offers netsuke, sagemono and other fine Japanese antiques.


Giuseppe Piva

Giuseppe Piva is a Japanese art dealer, located in Milano (Italy). The gallery is specialized in netsuke, lacquer, screens and samurai art


Max Rutherston


Sagemonoya Gallery in Tokyo, Japan is the only specialized netsuke dealer in Japan.

Norman L. Sandfield

Norman Sandfield is a Japanese art dealer, located in Chicago, offering netsuke, sagemono and Asian art objects.

Takara Asian Art

Takara Asian Art specializes in antique, modern and contemporary netsuke and ojime. They also offer a variety of other kinds of fine Japanese works of art.


 Woolley & Wallis

   Ted Adameck

2015 Ala Wai Blvd 5C
Honolulu, HI 96815
Tel: 808.941.2227
by appointment only

Located in the heart of world famous Waikiki. I will be open at your convenience if you will please call me from 9 to 4, Hawaiian Standard Time to make an inquiry. No obligation. I have been in business since 1958, specializing in fine Netsuke and Chinese Snuff Bottles at very reasonable prices.

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